Himbeeren Torte

Gluten free nut sponge, contains pistachio & almonds, sandwiched w our raspberry jam, coated w meringue buttercream

Serves 12 - $50

Serves 40 - $150


Croissant & Butter Pudding

Delicate croissants baked w custard & dried fruits, ready for re-heating.

Serves 8 - $40


Lime Pie

Fresh lime juice in a light crème mousse, set in a crumb crust.

Serves 10 - $40


Linzer Torte

Hazelnut butter cake, filled w rhubarb & our jam.

Serves 8. $35


Baked Cheesecake with

Pretzel Crumb

Butterscotch, pretzels &

honeycomb on top

Serves 12. $45


Bee Sting (Bienenstich)

Brioche filled w crème patissiere & topped w toffee almonds

Serves 10. $40


Sacher Torte 

Classic rich chocolate cake, layered w apricot jam & coated w chocolate ganache

Serves 12. $40

Serves 40. $120


Esterhazy Torte

Hazelnut sponge layered w crème patissiere & glazed w white chocolate ganache

Serves 12. $45


Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

Moist & dense, this flourless Fudge cake is dotted w raspberries

Serves 12. $45

Serves 40. $135


Gingerbread Haus

Our spiced crisp gingerbread, aged and then baked, and then carefully assembled to be the cutest haus in the neighbourhood. Flanked by 2 candied rosemary trees, and studded with pretzels and jam biscuits, there’s not a lolly to be had. Measures approximately 10inchx10inchx14inchtall.



Please allow 48 hours’ notice for ordering cakes. Prices and details may vary according to seasonal availability. A 50% deposit is required to confirm order.

Austro Bakery, 147-149 Cecil Street, South Melbourne. 03 9696 4398